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Genetic Counselor, Kolkata

Dr. Dipanjana Datta is a molecular geneticist and has 10 years of experience in the field of human genetics. Dr. Datta completed her PhD from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Further, Dr. Data was a post-doctoral fellow from Virginia Common Wealth University (VCU).

Field/Specialization: Population Genetics, Complex genetic disease and Cancer, Host Pathogen interaction, Infertility genetics

She is also is a member with Indian genome variation Consortium.

She is actively involved in meeting couples with couples affected with genetic disorders or who are at the risk of having a baby with an inherited disorder. She counsels individuals and their families about diseases or problems they harbor but also the consequences of testing and the potential for therapeutic intervention, also enumerates the risks to other family members both in present and future generations.

In a nutshell this is what she discusses and helps people and health care professionals take informed decisions.

  • Review family and medical history.

  • Figure out if the patient or their family members are at risk for disease.

  • Explain how genetic conditions are passed down through families.

  • Find and give information about genetic conditions.

  • Provide information about testing options and help patients decide whether they want testing.

  • Offer guidance to help the patient make informed choices or life plans.

  • Help patients find referrals to medical specialists, support networks, and other resources.