Molecular Genetics, PhD, PDF ( USA)

Genetic Counselor

State Co-coordinator ( West Bengal ) for Organization of Rare Disease India

Welcome! I provide all the tools, guidance, and support my clients who are affected by genetic disorders. I help couples understand the nuances of genetic disorder and genetic inheritance in their family and come to terms with transmission risks if you are planning a family.



Genetic Counseling

I am a molecular geneticist and have been working in the field of human genetics for a decade. I have completed my PhD from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. I was a post-doctoral fellow from Virginia Common Wealth University (VCU). When you work with me, you should expect a detailed genetic counseling with transparency and consistency.
Do you have Having a child with a a genetic condition and want to know the risks for a second child? Has your prenatal testing shown you at risk of a genetic condition? Are you a genetic carrier and want to know what is the inheritance risk before starting a family? Do you need support and guidance for managing a child with a genetic condition? All this can be very harrowing and difficult to deal with and this is where I come in. I can help you understand and guide you towards the right support so that you make the informed choices.